Save lives and reduce accidents

Safe Driving Solutions

Our safe driving solutions reduce the risk of road accidents and save lives. By monitoring driving behaviors and sending alerts in case of dangerous driving, we make fleets safer.

Advanced speed control

Determine the speed limit of any vehicle and receive instant alerts and notifications for excessive speeding or dangerous driving. Link our report system with your company management systems and generate reports on reckless driving.


Reduce fatigue-related accidents

Up to 20% or road accidents are caused by fatigue. Monitor driver’s fatigue levels through our Ai cameras and keep everyone safe.

Reports that keep you informed

Learn about driving style and road safety compliance by viewing extensive reports on driving behaviors. From over-speeding to harsh-braking and many other metrics. Make informed business decisions based on solid facts.


Case Study

Driving Enhancement Program

Developed by Saferoad and implemented through IoT-connected devices, DEP monitors driver behavior and detects over-speeding, excessive acceleration, harsh braking, fatigued driving, and sharp turns. DEP is developed in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which aims to transform the Kingdom with smart cities and achieve a 3.38 score on the Logistics Performance Index by 2025. As of now, Saferoad is the only provider of DEP in the Kingdom.