Connected Control through integration with WASL platform

Heavy Equipment (TMS)

Our Truck Management System solution is designed for local market regulation requirements and gives clients added functionality and metrics.

  • WASL platform integration

    Obtain the Ministry of Transport operating card and integrate with Wasl Platform

  • Cargo Monitoring

    Monitor cargo status in real-time including location, condition, unloading status and weight readings.

  • Usage reports

    Obtain detailed usage reports that cover accurate vehicle movement information with historical data and specific operating hours.

  • Monitor fuel consumption

    Monitor fuel consumption by keeping track of fuel levels to identify cases of waste or theft.

  • Maintenance reminders

    Receive maintenance checks reminders to avoid breakdowns and extend vehicle lifespan.

    WASL integration

    Real-time cargo status

    Usage reports

    Fuel consumption monitoring

    Maintenance reminders


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