CCM Corporate: Preserving Products and Goods

Cold Chain Management (CCM)

Our Cold Chain Management solution provides asset management and tracking including temperature and humidity tracking covering multiple industries and sectors

  • Integrity of Products and Goods

    Transporting and storing products and goods at the correct temperature is integral to the preservation of quality of those products and goods.

  • Product Safety

    Effective temperature control and monitoring means your standards and regulatory standards are met – keeping people safe

  • Reducing Waste and Loss

    Keeping track of temperature and humidity levels 24/7 significantly reduces the chances of losing products due to power loss or changes in temperature

  • Improving Efficiency

    Because cold chain management uses integrated smart IoT-enabled tracking and monitoring, companies can streamline the transport, delivery, and storage of their products – helping to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

  • Customer Service

    Delivering products and goods on time while maintaining the highest level of quality and safety improves your customer satisfaction levels

  • Compliance and Regulatory Standards

    SFDA regulations regarding tracking and monitoring temperature and humidity in trucks and warehouses.

    Product Safety

    Vehicle movement

    Improving Efficiency

    Customer Service

    Compliance and Regulatory Standards

    Reducing Waste and Loss


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