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Bus Management System (BMS)

Our Bus Management System solution is designed to meet TGA bus regulations and gives clients more control over their bus fleets.

  • Passenger Safety

    Passenger Safety through by monitoring bus trips and ensuring that passengers are protected and their location is known at any time.

  • School Bus Safety

    School Bus Safety by making sure no kid is left behind inside the bus

  • Road Safety

    Road Safety by monitoring driving behavior to limit distractions and reduce the possibility of accidents.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Improving Efficiency and ROI by using integrated smart IoT-enabled tracking and monitoring and identifying optimal routes for trips, efficiencies and reduced costs will be obtained.

  • Compliance and Regulatory Standards

    Compliance and Regulatory Standards in accordance with TGA’s regulations for monitoring buses in the Kingdom.

    Passenger safety

    School Bus safety

    Road Safety

    Improved Efficiency

    Compliance and Regulatory Standards


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