Game-changing Efficiency

Efficiency Assessment Solutions

Identify the current efficiency status of your fleet, learn how to use our platform tools to optimize your fleet and unlock your fleet’s full potential.

Maximum productivity, lower cost

Enhance your fleet’s productivity without increasing your cost. Improve productivity by limiting the number of down-time hours and unexpected breakdowns in your fleet through constant visibility and maintenance reports.

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Total control

Gain constant visibility through real-time tracking of vehicles and their locations. Identify the status of the vehicles and calculate working hours through our extensive data points and reports.

Efficiency at the source

Changing driving behavior is the first step to improving efficiency. With our state-of-the-art Driving Enhancement Program (DEP), you can improve driving behavior and vehicle utilization, resulting in well maintained vehicles and optimized fleets.

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Optimize operational hours

Increase number of operational hours without increasing your fleet size. Maximize uptime by tracking the exact number of working hours to make your fleets more efficient. Optimize your fleets and your business without investing in a larger fleet.


Save assets

Keep track of vehicles in your fleet and access historical records. Access the live location of every vehicle in your fleet and know if the vehicle is moving, idling or parked. Pinpoint the exact location of a vehicle in case it was stolen.

Enhance maintenance

Extend your vehicle’s lifespan with Proactive Maintenance. Receive maintenance checks reminders to avoid breakdowns and to keep your fleet running smoothly.


Case Study

Driving Enhancement Program

Developed by Saferoad and implemented through IoT-connected devices, DEP monitors driver behavior and detects over-speeding, excessive acceleration, harsh braking, fatigued driving, and sharp turns. DEP is developed in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which aims to transform the Kingdom with smart cities and achieve a 3.38 score on the Logistics Performance Index by 2025. As of now, Saferoad is the only provider of DEP in the Kingdom.