Saferoad Telematics Gains IRF Membership

Saferoad Telematics became an IRF Member to power their joined mission to provide safer and better roads.

The International Road Federation (IRF) is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization. IRF’s mission is to encourage and promote the development and maintenance of better, safer and more sustainable roads and road networks.

The IRF has a significant function to play in all aspects of road policy and development worldwide. For governments, the IRF provides a broad base of expertise for planning road development strategy and policy.

Mr. Mohannad Al-Haj, CEO of Saferoad Telematics, highlights that “combining the technology of Saferoad with IRF’s expertise and the worldwide network will lead to improving practices, greater and optimal use of technology and thus Safer vehicles and Safer Roads in the end”.Related Topic … Saferoad Awards, Telematics Solutions Provider

By working together with Saferoad Telematics and other IRF members and associates, the IRF helps – in between others – to put in place technological solutions and management practices that provide maximum economic and social returns from road investments.

It is worthwhile to mention that Saferoad is a Saudi national IoT/telematics startup, which recently, has won regional and international awards, and it was the only MENA company selected by the World Economic Forum in the field of telematics and fleet management technology among the top 100 companies contributing to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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