What you do not know about Endeavor is that Endeavor is a global network and it has a leading role to select and guide the effective entrepreneurs in their fields and boost develop their companies around the world.

Mr. Muhannad Al Haj, CEO of Safe Way Company, has been selected as an effective entrepreneur after passing the Endeavor global tests.

But we also need to know what are the advantages of effective leaders through Endeavor’s global vision and definition.

They have creative ideas and able to develop their business in a way that boosts their income and create more jobs, they are also ambitious to share their experiences and invest their money with the next generation of entrepreneurs to increase their influence in their community.

Radeo Endeavor proved their effect to increase the economic growth more than twice as much as others, to support new generations of entrepreneurs more than four times as much as others, to increase jobs by more than five times as compared to others, in addition to activating entrepreneurial environment in which their investment increase by more than 4 times and guide its members increase 8 times.

 The Characteristics of the entrepreneur?

  • Has the vision and perseverance to achieve the success of his organization.
  • Wants to use his time and resources to help his entrepreneurs’ friends in launching their projects.
  • Has Transparency and willingness to learn from mentors.

 Learn about the global impact of Endeavor: –

  • More than 2,800 The process of communication between entrepreneurs and investors during the Endeavor investment events in 2014-2015.
  • $ 8 billion is the revenue generated by Radeo Endeavor in 2014.
  • 1.198 entrepreneurs have been selected to join Endeavor from 25 offices around the world.
  • The amount of the capital contribution. 500$ million
  • 755 companies selected to join Endeavor.
  • More than 506.000 jobs have been created since 1997.

What about the local impact of Endeavor?

  • 111% is the average growth rate of Endeavor entrepreneur`s revenue since their selection to Endeavor.
  • 376.5 million R.S is the amount Endeavor entrepreneur`s revenue in 2015.
  • 12 entrepreneurs had been selected since 2012.
  • 59% of Endeavor entrepreneurs participated in training programs of the Harvard and Stanford Universities.
  • 9 companies selected to join Endeavor.
  • More than 460 jobs have been created since joining Endeavor.