Car Sharing Solution

The companies whose fleets exceed a few tens or hundreds of vehicles used by several users are usually facing two major problems: either the number of vehicles is high, but the degree of use per each vehicle is low, or the number of vehicles is small and therefore, efficient assignment of the vehicles is highly required.

Car Sharing solution is based on a system of internal ticketing for employees or external clients who have the right to use the company’s vehicles. They can create, track or cancel booking according to your needs. Management of booking vouchers (acceptance or refusal of the application) will be carried out by the fleet manager directly from the Saferoad application. In addition, he has the possibility to lock or unlock a vehicle from a distance, by a simple SMS.


Vehicle remote control unit allows locking the vehicle by activating the central locking system. Furthermore, the unit can immobilize the vehicle by canceling the starting function. In other words, the driver cannot start the engine, even if he holds the key and twists it to start the engine. Unlocking involves opening the vehicle (via the centralized system) and canceling the immobilization function.

Car Sharing feature provides efficient management by reducing operating and maintenance costs.