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in Top 100 Arab world startups

2017: Top 100 Arab world startups, shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution

saferoad Selected by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and International Finance Corporation/World Bank Group as one of the 100 Arab world startups, which are shaping the future in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

Best Company in ``Use of Technology for Improved Traffic Safety``

2017: in Smart Mobility Forum, Dubai

saferoad awarded as “Best Use of Technology/Initiative for Improved Traffic Safety,” Smart Mobility, Dubai, by International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC)

in Top Growth-stage Companies

2016: one of the top growth-stage companies

saferoad named as one of the top growth-stage companies in 2016, Arabian Venture Forum (AVF 2016).

4th of 100 entrepreneurs shaping Saudi future

2015: ranked by Forbes Middle East

saferoad ranked 4th of 100 entrepreneurs companies that shaping Saudi Arabia future in 2015, Forbes Middle East.


One of top growth 50 companies

2015: recognized by Tech-Tour

saferoad recognized as one of top growth 50 companies in 2015, by Tech-Tour.

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Saferoad Innovates Technologies & Solutions For Smarter and Safer Vehicles